Saturday, March 24, 2012

Twelve Things

Twelve years ago, a colleague at work had to drive me to my mom's house. I was having contractions strong enough that she wouldn't let me drive myself. Once at my mom's I was stuck--she had no car at her disposal! But at the end of all the crazy obstacles was a pink and perfect Lili. In honor of her birthday, here are twelve things you should know about Lili.
 1. She's the baby! I never wanted another child after Lili, which is a good thing because she is NOT a middle-kid kind of child!

2. She is creative. Dancing, drawing, crafting, cooking...Lili loves to try it all.

3. She is a dreamer. I don't know when it started, but Lili has always seemed to live in a world of her own. One of the first phrases we said to her--and haven't stopped saying--is "Focus, Lili!"

4. She is a charmer. Lili has always seemed to understand the mantra "Better to ask forgiveness than permission." And we have never not been able to forgive that little pixie face.

5. She loves to snack. She gets her sweet tooth from my family. But she also buys out the gas station's inventory of Cheese Pringles on a weekly basis.

6. She is messy. We often tease her about her collecting and warn her that her house will look like an episode of Hoarders.

7. She loves cats. Along with her messy house, we tease her that she will be a crazy cat lady some day.

8. She is a hard worker---if you pay her!

9. She is so smart. She used to be overshadowed by her big sister's academic achievement, but she has proven that the classroom is her domain as well.

10. She has a unique fashion sense. Just read this and you'll see what I mean!

11. She will probably NEVER give up her pink blanket. This lovey is considerably less pink and fluffy than she used to be, but Lili still carries her around, tucked right up under her nose!

12. She is unpredictable. Lili sure does keep us on our toes. Every day with her is a joy--sometimes a frustrating joy, but we wouldn't change a thing about her!

Happy Birthday, Lilienne!


  1. She sounds like she is oozing with personality!

  2. I agree what a full of life kind of girl!

  3. Perfect reason to jump back on the slice wagon. Happy birthday, Lili.

  4. Love the list honoring Lili's birth ya. My birthday was Saturday too!