Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Favorite Place

 Early mornings on the houseboat are the most peaceful place and time I know. Jeff wakes early, gets the coffee percolating, and takes the dogs outside. That is my time to just lie still and enjoy the tranquility. The faded coral curtains cushion the harsh light of the morning sun and cast a pink hue in the cabin, warming my face. The gentle rocking of the boat as the waves lap the shore almost send me back to sleep. But there is just enough noise to keep me awake. Occasionally I can hear a small fishing boat puttering its way past the back of the boat. The deep timbre of fishermen voices is muted. They seem to appreciate the need for quiet. After they pass, the plop of fishes jumping out of the water makes me smile...they are safe from the hook, for now. Creaking springs and rustling from the back futon means the girls are rousing, perhaps disturbed by the passing boat, but only for a minute. From a distance, I can hear Jeff call to the dogs and then make conversation with the friends in the next boat. Amanda’s voice is still croaky from sleep. The smell of the coffee grows stronger, its pungent aroma trying to pull me from the comfort of bed. And just when I think I’ll have to give in to it, the pounding and prancing from the feet of 5 dogs makes the boat dance and the boards shake. The sliding door fooshes open. I dive, shrieking, under the covers as three little wet dogs jump on me in a cascade of water and sand. The Rottweilers shake their butts in an effort to wag stubby tails, wishing they could join the little dogs on the bed. My peace is shattered…but as the excitement of another day on the beach begins, my joy continues.

*This is my Tuesday Quick-Write for the Teachers Write Virtual Summer Camp. :)