Thursday, March 24, 2011

You'll Always be the Baby

Eleven years ago, I was full of doubts. I doubted that I was ready for your arrival. I doubted that I had enough time, enough patience, enough love for two. The love I felt for your sister had the power to take my breath away and make my knees buckle. How could my heart take a double dose of that?

And then you were here. A sweet bundle of perfection. With one tiny flaw. You were imprinted on my heart. And the flaw brought the fiercest sense of protectiveness. I felt that you would not only need my love, care and attention, but you would need me to protect you from a world that often is cruel.

But I needn't have worried about you. From the very beginning, you were sweet- natured, calm, and charming. Before you could talk, you could get whatever you wanted with your winning smile, your impish eyes. It came naturally for all of us: mom, dad, Gigi, Papa, and Nama, to give you whatever you wanted. You didn't need me, it was I who needed you.

You are such a dreamer. It wasn't a mistake that one of the phrases you heard first and often was "Focus, Lili!" You have a tender heart. You are caring and generous. And despite the fact that I want to keep you my baby forever, you are becoming such a responsible young person.

Lili, your joy for life bubbles around you like a fountain. Eleven years ago, you slipped into our life so naturally. The doubts that I felt fell away as you completed our family and filled our days with sunshine.

So today, on your 11th birthday, I just want you to know how much I love you and how much joy you have brought and you continue to bring. Happy birthday sweet girl!

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