Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hey Mom, can I get my drink on?

Yesterday I bought a box of 12 wine coolers to take to a party. This morning, G looked into the box and saw that I had only had two at the party. G has always been precocious with her language--she said funny stuff since about the first day she spoke. Now she's about to turn 14 and she is just as funny, but it is her logic and reasoning that cracks me up. This was our conversation this morning:

G (looking in the box): You only drank 2?
Me: Yes, I was a good girl. I had to drive home.
G: Can I have one?
Me: No!
G: But it's Sunday.
Me: What does that have to do with anything?
G: That's my day to get drunk. Can I split one with you?
Me: No!
G: Why not?
Me: You are only 13.
G: I'll be 14 in a week.
Me: And then I'll say you're only 14!
G: C'mon, please? Besides it's opposite day, so I'm really 31 today.
Me: Yea, right. I don't think so.
G: Plus I'm double covered 'cuz on opposite day the legal drinking age is 12 not 21!
Me: Keep trying!

Then later she says to me, "Hey, mom, if I can't get my drink on today, can we go get French fries?"
I wish you could see the twinkle in her eyes as we have these conversations! She cracks me up!

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